We are delighted to be rehearsing together again at the URC in Cockermouth this term. It is wonderful to hear each others’ voices again after so long! We’re looking forward to performing live again – please keep checking the website for updates on future concert dates.

Please take a look around the site to see who we are, where we meet and how you can join!

We were busy throughout the pandemic! This is the first video we put together – an arrangement of Afton Water by Robert Burns. It was first aired during Cockermouth Virtually Live, an online concert which took place on Saturday 4th July 2020 on YouTube.

Here’s a link to the original concert:

We prepared this arrangement of Amazing Grace back in December, but we’ve given it a springtime feel with some beautiful photos of the local area (all taken by members of the choir). Enjoy!

Cockermouth Rotary Club put this video together as part of the town’s Daffodil Day celebration. Philip Wood composed this beautiful arrangement of Wordsworth’s I wandered lonely as a cloud.